The Perks Of Being A Senior

Larenz Kimp, Writer

4 years: freshmen, sophomore, junior and now finally seniors. We all have had our own experiences and pains during this seemingly long but short 4 years, some of us have lost, some of us have gained, some of us have found our purpose in life. To all my seniors out there; you deserve a pat on the back because guess what? You made it! 

The best thing about being a senior is to know that we have grown and are still growing up as a better individual. Look back and say wow, that is not me anymore, to look forward with a big, bright, ready smile to say “future, here I come!” To just walk inside the school doors and to say “wow, it’s our last first day of highschool.” It was an incredible but shocking feeling. You have freedoms and respect and we as seniors are looked at as the first representation of our wonderful school! Knowing we aren’t gonna kids anymore and soon to be full on adults is scary. You never know what could happen, you never know if you’re going to wake up the next day, you never know if you’ll lose a friend, or fail a class, the future is a mystery and as a senior we have a responsibility to be prepared for it, we are only here by the grace of god. He has had our backs the whole ride and some of us haven’t even noticed it! And that comes to the point of me switching topics so much, as adults as seniors we can have a more bigger opinion on what we think and want to say because people will take us more seriously now more then ever.

My experience with the first few weeks we have been in school have been wonderful, seeing my friends that stood with me through thick and thin these last 3 years never wavering to arguments or differences we had and have each other’s backs. Walking around the school with freshmen asking where their next class is or how to get there feels good because we all use to be there. Asking where this class is and where this is and now that we have been here for 4 years we know this school like we know the backs of our hands. I look forward to this last year with such an amazing group of individuals! Good luck my fellow seniors!!