Mikayla Verdier, Writer

Love is a choice its choosing that person every day and knowing that the person will choose you. Love is genuinely wanting the best for someone, it’s doing things you said you would never do, its pushing everything to the side just to talk to that person, its wanting to be the best version of yourself for that person. 

Love is getting butterflies and having a big cheesy smile around that person, it’s getting that tingly feeling in your chest, it’s the little things they do. 

You feel safe, protected, & secured like everything is going to be ok. 

Love is amazing, everything is enhanced you see things from a different perspective. 

You’re constantly thinking and talking about that person. Even when no one asked. They feel like your everything. Your best friend. The only person you want to be with. 

Love is like walking on air, its making that person macaroni and cheese at 2 in the morning because they’re hungry or being snowed in for 2 days and not wanting to kill them  

Love is finding someone who loves your weird quirks and you love there’s, its doing everything you can to make that person happy  

You get that spark! 

Love is trust, loyalty, its warm, its adventurous 

Love feels like home. 

Love is bliss……Love is dangerous  

Love is blinding…. it’s addictive  

Too much love can become a drug you’re now dependent on that person 

You can lose who you are, your self-worth  

You’re constantly clouded with emotion, forgiving them for things that were way over the line 

You get attached…. maybe too attached? 

Love is being vulnerable you give that person a chance to hurt you  

Love hurts  

it can lead you to depression, it makes you not trust people you be can cold hearted  

Love can be toxic 

Love can be draining emotionally and mentally  

Love can be abusive  

But love is love. 

Would you do everything over again?