Gerell Johnson


Jhani James, Writer

Throughout New Town’s football season, there have been outstanding plays and wins. Some  makes its way to New Town’s sports history.  Aside from all the games, an individual is known as “the goat” has made his mark on the team. This member is Gerell Johnson.

At just sixteen years old, this senior has not only proven his dedication on the field but has made a rewarding impact towards his future. Gerell has been given a full athletic scholarship to the university of Massachusetts as well as maintaining outstanding grades at school. As hard as it may be, Gerell’s family, especially his father, helped guide and motivate him to become his very best, his mother and grandmother also giving him that needed push for success.

His most challenging game was the school’s game at Overly his tenth-grade year, only so being hard due to the negative and doubts about the team’s abilities. Focusing on himself as well as supporting his team, Gerell states the team was able to get past the harsh negativity, bring home a win.

Gerell’s advice towards those who strive to achieve what many might believe is a moral struggle is to never give up and believe in yourself; to stay focus and do something if you want to do it.

“Stay focus. If you wanna do something, do it. Don’t let nobody disrupt you from doing it. Stay on your grind and anything is possible.”

Gerell Johnson